Grade 4 Mapping

Grade 4 have been working hard at learning about maps. We looked at the history of mapping and the changes throughout time. Then we looked at the different types of maps and sorted out examples creating a booklet. Finally we followed instructions to create our own maps. See our finished results below.

Culture in Social Studies – Amat

In social studies we have been learning about culture and what is in culture and the traditions, family, religion, the six elements of culture. We did a presentation and wrote some question about culture, like what is culture, what is culture for, and why does culture need to be a society of people, and we did positives and negatives about cultural diversity.

Branches of Government – Avery

Grade 4 has been working on branches of government in the USA in social studies. We learned there are three types, the Legislative, Executive, Judicial. The legislative branch is mostly made of representatives from each state. The Executive is made up of the president and the vice president. The judicial is made up of nine judges who are responsible for constitution problems. This is only some of what I’ve learned from my amazing teacher, Mrs. Stacy in Social Studies.



US Government – Jimi

Grade 4 has been working on US government. The US government is broken up into the legislative, executive and judicial. The legislative makes laws and the congress house of reps senate. The Executive is the president, vis president, and the directs national defence. They carry out the law.


Types of Government


This week in Social Studies we did Governments. The Governments we did were Anarchy, Monarchy, Democracy, Theocracy, Oligarchy, Dictatorship, Direct Democracy and Representative Democracy. The activity was fun. We had to write positives and negatives about each government. I hope to do another fun activity next week. – Julia