Grade 5 Science – Maddy

This week in science Grade 5 have been working on physical and chemical reactions. We did tons of experiments and then we had to identify if it was a physical or chemical change. For example we did origami. We folded the origami into a dog shape and we found that it was a physical change because the paper didn’t change color or smell it just changed shape so it was still paper!

Adaptations – Jimi

This week grade 4 has being working on a story about an animal and how it used it adaptation to solve problems or create problems. I wrote about an ostrich named Ostry and his adaptation are claws, super speed, wings, and strong legs to jump high.

Adaptations – Avery

This week grade 4 was working on adaptations in science. Adaptations are things animals and plants develop to defend against predators, find food, and withstand heat and cold. An experiment we did was checking how animals in the Arctic withstand the cold. What we did was have a bucket of cold water then we stuck our hands in it for a little bit then took it out and put a plastic bag on our hands and stuck it in. It made me a little less cold but I was still feeling the cold. Finally, we put margarine (to represent fat) in the bag and put our hands in the water. I barely felt anything! Have you done any interesting experiments? If you have comment about them.


Grade 4 Mapping

Grade 4 have been working hard at learning about maps. We looked at the history of mapping and the changes throughout time. Then we looked at the different types of maps and sorted out examples creating a booklet. Finally we followed instructions to create our own maps. See our finished results below.

Grade 4 Science – Earth Models

Grade 4 are looking at forces that change the surface of the Earth. To get an idea of what the Earth is made of and how thin the crust is we built our own models. We then cut them in half and compared them. An observation made was that the crust is uneven around the Earth. We concluded that this meant that the crust is uneven around different parts of the world. We connected this with the thickness of mountains. 

Science – Amarachi

This week in grade 5, we’ve been working on science. We are studying the four spheres of the earth and how they interact with each other. After that, we would choose two spheres and make a model with their interactions on it. The four spheres are the geosphere which means land, rock, hydrosphere which means water, biosphere which means life and atmosphere which means air. My favourite spheres are the hydrosphere and the atmosphere. As we were doing this project, we were also grading ourselves. What are your favourite spheres?


Marble Experiments – Mouza

This week in science we were doing marble experiments. It was fun. We are doing to do a rollercoaster for the marbles. We are having a contest between the grade 4 boys and girls. Me and the girls are trying to make it awesome and of course work. Today I think we are going to start marking roller coasters out of paper and other materials.speed-and-energy

Shadows – Amarachi

This week in science Grade 5 have been studying shadows. We measured how long our shadow is and drew a graph on it. Then we answered some questions on what pattern we see and why. On our shadows we found out that in the mornings the shadows would be long and straight because the sun is behind us and in the afternoons it would be short and diagonal because the sun is sort of on top of us. This project was an excellent work.