Khan Academy – Julia

Grades 4/5 are using a web site called khan academy. We use it for math but it has many subjects. It helps us work on the things we are struggling with. We have it for homework to. Our teacher can assign things so we know which skills to work on. I really like khan academy and have learned many things from it.


Rotational Symmetry – Joshua

This week we did rotational symmetry. Rotational Symmetry is when you can see how many times shape can be rotated and symmetry is when a shape on a paper can be folded and still have the same shape and look s the same as the other side and we all so made rotation symmetry with blocks we asked each other how many lines of rotational symmetry we had so much fun.

Symmetry in Math – Avery

This week grade 4 was working on rotational symmetry. Rotational symmetry is when a shape can be rotated and stays exactly the same as before. Order of rotational symmetry is the amount of times the shape can turn without changing. If you know how many lines of rotational symmetry this shape I made has, then comment the answer. Hope you learned lots this week too!


Check out Avery’s design below – it has both rotational symmetry as well as line symmetry. I think she means what the order of rotational symmetry is of the design below – Ms Stacy

Fractions – Kelechi

This week grade four has been working on adding and subtracting and simplifying fractions. I enjoyed it because we had to multiply when the denominator is not the same. Multiplication is my favorite topic. Some things I learnt were, when you are either adding or subtracting the denominators HAS to be the same. Once your denominators are the same you only add or subtract your numerators. What is 7/8 + 2/8?

Math Project Assessment – Avery

This week grade 4/5 has done a project assessment in math on adding and subtracting fractions. A project assessment is testing your knowledge in real life use. The one we did this week was where we had two cupcake recipes we had to write the ingredients and the amounts in the table and we had to add each ingredient. We had another   paper were it said what was in the pantry. Then we had to subtract the amount in the pantry and write the answer, ingredients and amounts on a paper we called the shopping list. I think the most challenging part was converting teaspoons into tablespoons or cups into pounds and ounces. The recipes made me so hungry! They looked really good! I had lots of fun with the project assessment. Have you ever done any project assessments?


Multiplication – Amat

This week in maths we have been learning about multiplication. The reason why i like it is because it shows that i can figure an answer with out using a calculator, multiplication was hard for me but later on with the practice i got better. Sometimes i do good sometimes i do bad in my work but it just got way better. I chose this pice of work because it shows that my multiplication is good.

Volume – Maddy

This week in math grade 5 has been working on volume. Volume refers to the amount of space an object takes up. I chose volume because it shows i understand how to times the length , width, and height of each 3d shape. If you practice you can understand volume alot.

Volume – Amarachi

This week, Grade 5 has been working on volume. We have been learning how to find volumes of composite shapes, cylinders, triangular and rectangular prisms. My favourite was finding the volume of a cylinder. You would multiply radius squared by pi and height to get the volume.(latex-e8ecae914929fdd98e443c232919f8a4_5radius (squared) x latex-e8ecae914929fdd98e443c232919f8a4_5 x h)

What is the formula for finding the volume of a triangular prism?