Multiplication – Amat

This week in maths we have been learning about multiplication. The reason why i like it is because it shows that i can figure an answer with out using a calculator, multiplication was hard for me but later on with the practice i got better. Sometimes i do good sometimes i do bad in my work but it just got way better. I chose this pice of work because it shows that my multiplication is good.

Volume – Maddy

This week in math grade 5 has been working on volume. Volume refers to the amount of space an object takes up. I chose volume because it shows i understand how to times the length , width, and height of each 3d shape. If you practice you can understand volume alot.

Area and Perimeter – Kelechi

This week grade four has been working on area and perimeter. I enjoy this topic because it helps me practice my multplicatn tables and it shows that i can multiply the length and the width to find my area and add the lenght and the width to find the perimeter. If a rectangle’s width is 4cm and the length is 20cm then what is the area and perimeter of the rectangle?

Fiction Stories – Amat

This week in reading grade 5, we have been learning about ficton stories. We sometimes have to write about what happens in the story and define some words that we didn’t kno.My favorite was doing a summary on a story book called ”the stonecutter”, it’s interesing how in the story, the stone cutter goes from normal to greedy. Do you guys like people who are greedy?

Short Fiction Stories – Amarachi

This week, in grade 4/5, we have been reading short fiction stories. We read in a group, then did a couple of fun activities. My favourites were the connecter, when you can relate  the story to another experience and the second was writing the moral of the story. I enjoyed this because I had fun reading the stories and it gave me a clearer view of the stories.

What kind of stories do you enjoy reading fiction or non-fiction?

Volume – Amarachi

This week, Grade 5 has been working on volume. We have been learning how to find volumes of composite shapes, cylinders, triangular and rectangular prisms. My favourite was finding the volume of a cylinder. You would multiply radius squared by pi and height to get the volume.(latex-e8ecae914929fdd98e443c232919f8a4_5radius (squared) x latex-e8ecae914929fdd98e443c232919f8a4_5 x h)

What is the formula for finding the volume of a triangular prism?

Portfolios – Julia

This week we did portfolios. I enjoyed the difficulty and hard work doing them but I learned a few things too. One of the things was be as organised as possible. Because if not you’ll have to do it all at the last minute. Another thing I learned was make your portfolios like you. Make it unique. How would you make your portfolios?


Portfolios – Avery

Grade 4/5 this week have been finishing up our Portfolios. We wrote some reflections on our assessments by writing what we did well and what we need to improve. I think my portfolio looks amazing and I’m proud of it. It was a lot of work but it was worth it to see my great results.

Have any of you been finishing your portfolios?