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Having trouble with using the blog? Write about it on this page and we can try and help you. The main problem you may have is difficulty posting a comment. Let me talk you through it.

  1. Read an entry on the blog that you find interesting, and click on it’s title, or on the link at the bottom that says ‘# Comments’
  2. Type your first name in the box that says ‘Name (required)’ – don’t put your last name here!
  3. Type your email address (it will be kept secret from anyone who sees the page).
  4. Leave the website box blank, it’s not needed.
  5. In the anti-spam box, type the word, letters, or numbers that are in the picture next to it. This is just to prove you’re a real person, not a computer just pretending!
  6. Finally, type your comment in the box at the bottom of the page, and press the submit comment button.

Your comment will not show up straight away the first time you post, because the teacher in charge of this blog needs to check that its okay. As soon as that’s done, your comment will be approved and will show up on the blog page!

10 thoughts on “Comment Help

  1. Dear 4th and 5th Grade Class,

    Congratulations on the blog! I’ve been enjoying the photos and articles, and I’m excited to see how the blog develop throughout the year. You’re doing great work already, and it’s going to keep getting better!

    I’m proud of you!

    Mr. Caleb

  2. Hello Ms. York and “The Menagerie”,
    We have enjoyed reading your comments on our Edublog. It is wonderful to see other students excited about the activities in our class!
    Do you have a special place where we should be answering you? Your students (Dominic & David, Diala & Jason) left requests to answer their comments on “The Menagerie”, but I am having difficulty finding the “right place” to respond!
    🙂 Mrs. Boekhout and “Classroom 2 Kids”

  3. dear mrs.kreul, your blog is just like repunsle. it is a great blog and it has great pictures about
    princeses and castleas. your blog is great.

    please visit our blog the menagreie edu

  4. CSIRO was such an amazing topic for me to choose because of how many things we have learnt, on natrual disasters and was also really fun…

  5. Hey! S3Fred
    If this posts I’m just trying,because i cant seem to be able to comment on anything

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