Mechanical Energy – Jimi

Grade 4 has been working on mechanical energy with marbles and potential energy with marbles. Grade 4 are planning to make a roller coaster track and put a marble on it with both potential and mechanical energy. Grade four are doing girls vs boys on which team can make  a track first. It has to work. If it works it is cool. If it does not work it is not cool. May the best team win!


Shadows – Amerachi

In Grade 5 we are studying shadows. Here we made an investigation on how they are made and what are their sources. We made a summary on it. We learnt that in the morning its tall and straight and in the afternoon its diagonal and short.


Marble Experiment – Julia

This week Grade 4 did a marble experiment. I made my own experiment by lining 5 marbles up. My marbles were in a line with 2 in a corner, one in the middle and two more in the other corner. I hit the first two so I gave them mechanical energy. They went till the one in the middle. The one in the middle went rolling till the other corner and the ones in the other corner fell off the ruler.





Marble Experiments

Grade 4 have been working on transforming and transferring energy. They explored this concept by pushing a marble towards 1 or 2 other marbles and observing what happened. 20161021_120517_1 20161021_120536_1


They then went onto design their own experiments based on their own questions.

This was Mouza’s experiment:




My Piece of Work – Kelechi

I had to pick a paper that had pictures, names and definition of forms of energy. Then I had to match them up.

I learnt electricity is electrical energy. It is electrons which carry the charge. I found nuclear energy was tough for me.

I learnt that I shouldn’t glue them all at once until I sort them out.

By Kelechi20160916_114530

My Piece of Work – Amat

This week in science we learnt about cannonballs we had to answer 6 questions. I learned that it doesn’t matter the size of something. Like if a small canon and a big cannon gets dropped. They both fall at the same time. Next time I will try to read the words a little bit more. I also learned that Aristotle said that not only heavier did objects fall faster than small objects they both fall at the same time. And we had to predict what was going to happen. We had to predict which one will fall first or both. It was interesting that small objects and big objects fall at the same time.

By Amat


My Piece of Work – Jimi

In Science, Grade four has been studying about energy like forms of energy.

We had to find the meaning of different forms of energy and write it in our foldable.

I learnt how powerful energy can be. I could improve it by writing more meanings. Next time I will make it longer and smarter so that I can learn more.

By Jimi

20160916_114344 20160916_114351

My Piece of Work – Carl

This week in Science Amat and I did the how far you can jump test. WE had to measure how far we jumped from the start. When we finished that we divided the length on Earth by different numbers.

I learned that you can calculate the length you can jump on Earth and see the length on a different planet. The gravity is weaker on Saturn so I can jump farther for example on Earth I can jump 64” and on Saturn I can jump 522”.

I would improve it by not rushing at the end, and I could make it better by taking my time but not taking too long.

By Carl