Dress like a character day

We had a great day coming as a pirate, Captain Underpants, Wendy, Dorothy, King Arthur, Meggie, Little Red Riding Hood, Katniss and many more. During our Celebration of Learning Ms Leah organised a read-in where the older students got a chance to read to the younger students. It was a great success. 

Peer Feedback

We learnt about how to give feedback on our writing this week. We have been working on our myth narratives and publishing them for author’s tea. We used the TAG method to give each other feedback which involves listening to someone’s story then telling them something we liked, asking them a question and giving a positive suggestion. We then used this feedback to improve our stories.

Lost Thing

We read The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan. We then labelled the picture of the lost thing with noun group. Finally we turned those noun groups into descriptive paragraphs.

Here are some of our paragraphs:

Nayan (Grade 3):

The Lost Thing has tiny, hairy hands on its massive, spiky body. It has a skinny, small chimney. It has round red eyes that look quickly around. It has orange, oval flaps on top of its wiggly, metallic legs. It has big, scary claws that move slowly. It has wormy, grey tentacles and flappy, see-through windows.

Audrey (Grade 2):

The Lost Thing has a strong red body. It has tiny wriggly tentacles. It has sharp shiny claws. It has a spiky head like a dinosaur. With his metal cupboards he can make things disappear.

Kelechi (Grade 5):

The Lost Thing has six metallic legs on his red smooth body. On top of his short thin mouth is his grey stiff ears. He has a prickly semi-circle head and metallic enormous hands with curved round fingers. The Lost Thing has trouble walking with his small legs and at the same time having an oversized body. It is not able to fit enough food in his mouth because it’s too thin. Its hands are too big to hold a normal person’s hands. He is unable to hug someone because his hands squeeze too tight.

Batiste (Grade 4):

The Lost Thing has a red spiky head on the top of its body and it can open and close itself like a trap door. The Lost Thing has six tiny legs on the bottom of his humongous body. On the top of its big dark red body the thing has a small exhaust that makes smoke. It has eight little doors on its body.

Reem (Grade 4):

The Lost Thing has a strong metal hand on its left side and robot claws. The squid legs on it helps it walk slow. It has a fire wiggly eye with a funky shaped nose. The deadly spiked head is very strong and sharp.

Limericks – Julia

We have been working on poetry for a few weeks. I am going to share some limericks that we did. A limerick has to have 5 lines, the scheme has to be AABBA. That means the first 2 lines rhyme, the 3rd and 4th lines are shorter and rhyme with each other but not the first and second lines then the 5th line rhymes with the first 2 lines. A limerick is also meant to tell a funny story which makes it interesting and funny.

There was once a man

That was always next to a fan

He went away

To the bay

And and  the man came with a new fan 


By Julia

Lit Circles – Carl

This week in lit circles we have been reading chapters 3 and 4 then answering questions on them for example chapter 3 question 5 “why didn’t the yellow ring work in the other pools my answer was because the yellow rings bring you to the woods

Literature Circles – Maddy

This week in lit circles we have been working on reading “The tale of Desperaux.” Desperaux is a mouse who is different from all the other mice and is in love with a human princess called Pea. I did a family tree on Desperaux’s family with little pictures and I also did character traits on Desperaux. Have you read “The tale of Desperaux?” If you have who was your favorite character?

Narrative Writing – Mouza

I chose this piece of work because I worked hard on it and I am proud of this piece of work because this is my favorite piece of writing and my goal is to put Adverbs and Adjectives in my story next time. I had to write a story about a captain on his ship staring at the sea but there was a wave coming to the ship so I wrote what’s going to happen next.

Fiction Stories – Amat

This week in reading grade 5, we have been learning about ficton stories. We sometimes have to write about what happens in the story and define some words that we didn’t kno.My favorite was doing a summary on a story book called ”the stonecutter”, it’s interesing how in the story, the stone cutter goes from normal to greedy. Do you guys like people who are greedy?

Short Fiction Stories – Amarachi

This week, in grade 4/5, we have been reading short fiction stories. We read in a group, then did a couple of fun activities. My favourites were the connecter, when you can relate  the story to another experience and the second was writing the moral of the story. I enjoyed this because I had fun reading the stories and it gave me a clearer view of the stories.

What kind of stories do you enjoy reading fiction or non-fiction?