Grade 5 Science – Maddy

This week in science Grade 5 have been working on physical and chemical reactions. We did tons of experiments and then we had to identify if it was a physical or chemical change. For example we did origami. We folded the origami into a dog shape and we found that it was a physical change because the paper didn’t change color or smell it just changed shape so it was still paper!

Adaptations – Jimi

This week grade 4 has being working on a story about an animal and how it used it adaptation to solve problems or create problems. I wrote about an ostrich named Ostry and his adaptation are claws, super speed, wings, and strong legs to jump high.

Khan Academy – Julia

Grades 4/5 are using a web site called khan academy. We use it for math but it has many subjects. It helps us work on the things we are struggling with. We have it for homework to. Our teacher can assign things so we know which skills to work on. I really like khan academy and have learned many things from it.


Adaptations – Avery

This week grade 4 was working on adaptations in science. Adaptations are things animals and plants develop to defend against predators, find food, and withstand heat and cold. An experiment we did was checking how animals in the Arctic withstand the cold. What we did was have a bucket of cold water then we stuck our hands in it for a little bit then took it out and put a plastic bag on our hands and stuck it in. It made me a little less cold but I was still feeling the cold. Finally, we put margarine (to represent fat) in the bag and put our hands in the water. I barely felt anything! Have you done any interesting experiments? If you have comment about them.


Rotational Symmetry – Joshua

This week we did rotational symmetry. Rotational Symmetry is when you can see how many times shape can be rotated and symmetry is when a shape on a paper can be folded and still have the same shape and look s the same as the other side and we all so made rotation symmetry with blocks we asked each other how many lines of rotational symmetry we had so much fun.

Limericks – Julia

We have been working on poetry for a few weeks. I am going to share some limericks that we did. A limerick has to have 5 lines, the scheme has to be AABBA. That means the first 2 lines rhyme, the 3rd and 4th lines are shorter and rhyme with each other but not the first and second lines then the 5th line rhymes with the first 2 lines. A limerick is also meant to tell a funny story which makes it interesting and funny.

There was once a man

That was always next to a fan

He went away

To the bay

And and  the man came with a new fan 


By Julia

Symmetry in Math – Avery

This week grade 4 was working on rotational symmetry. Rotational symmetry is when a shape can be rotated and stays exactly the same as before. Order of rotational symmetry is the amount of times the shape can turn without changing. If you know how many lines of rotational symmetry this shape I made has, then comment the answer. Hope you learned lots this week too!


Check out Avery’s design below – it has both rotational symmetry as well as line symmetry. I think she means what the order of rotational symmetry is of the design below – Ms Stacy

Lit Circles – Carl

This week in lit circles we have been reading chapters 3 and 4 then answering questions on them for example chapter 3 question 5 “why didn’t the yellow ring work in the other pools my answer was because the yellow rings bring you to the woods