Grade 4 Mapping

Grade 4 have been working hard at learning about maps. We looked at the history of mapping and the changes throughout time. Then we looked at the different types of maps and sorted out examples creating a booklet. Finally we followed instructions to create our own maps. See our finished results below.

Grade 4 Science – Earth Models

Grade 4 are looking at forces that change the surface of the Earth. To get an idea of what the Earth is made of and how thin the crust is we built our own models. We then cut them in half and compared them. An observation made was that the crust is uneven around the Earth. We concluded that this meant that the crust is uneven around different parts of the world. We connected this with the thickness of mountains. 

Earth Trek – Júlia

This week we were doing Argentina in Earth Trek. It helps us learn about different countries in the world whiles we have fun doing activities about the country. I had fun in Argentina learning things and building the common colored houses out of paper. I was very nervous when our teacher announced the winner.

Fractions – Kelechi

This week grade four has been working on adding and subtracting and simplifying fractions. I enjoyed it because we had to multiply when the denominator is not the same. Multiplication is my favorite topic. Some things I learnt were, when you are either adding or subtracting the denominators HAS to be the same. Once your denominators are the same you only add or subtract your numerators. What is 7/8 + 2/8?

Science – Amarachi

This week in grade 5, we’ve been working on science. We are studying the four spheres of the earth and how they interact with each other. After that, we would choose two spheres and make a model with their interactions on it. The four spheres are the geosphere which means land, rock, hydrosphere which means water, biosphere which means life and atmosphere which means air. My favourite spheres are the hydrosphere and the atmosphere. As we were doing this project, we were also grading ourselves. What are your favourite spheres?


Literature Circles – Maddy

This week in lit circles we have been working on reading “The tale of Desperaux.” Desperaux is a mouse who is different from all the other mice and is in love with a human princess called Pea. I did a family tree on Desperaux’s family with little pictures and I also did character traits on Desperaux. Have you read “The tale of Desperaux?” If you have who was your favorite character?