Marble Experiments – Mouza

This week in science we were doing marble experiments. It was fun. We are doing to do a rollercoaster for the marbles. We are having a contest between the grade 4 boys and girls. Me and the girls are trying to make it awesome and of course work. Today I think we are going to start marking roller coasters out of paper and other materials.speed-and-energy

Earthtrek – Avery

In Earthtrek this week our teacher, Mrs Stacy told us who the winner of this country was, Switzerland and it was me and my partner Carl! We both got a pin with the swiss flag on it. I can’t wait till Mrs Stacy tells us the next country. I’ve had a lot of fun with Earthtrek because I get to learn about places I’ve never been. Next I want to go to Ireland.


Shadows – Amarachi

This week in science Grade 5 have been studying shadows. We measured how long our shadow is and drew a graph on it. Then we answered some questions on what pattern we see and why. On our shadows we found out that in the mornings the shadows would be long and straight because the sun is behind us and in the afternoons it would be short and diagonal because the sun is sort of on top of us. This project was an excellent work.


Mechanical Energy – Jimi

Grade 4 has been working on mechanical energy with marbles and potential energy with marbles. Grade 4 are planning to make a roller coaster track and put a marble on it with both potential and mechanical energy. Grade four are doing girls vs boys on which team can make  a track first. It has to work. If it works it is cool. If it does not work it is not cool. May the best team win!