Earth Trek Update


We have been having lots of fun in Earthtrek learning all about Switzerland. We mapped out our journey, creating the maps following lots of instructions. We then went onto explore either the chocolate train (which is a real thing!) or climb mountains. Finally we learnt why swiss cheese has holes in it. 2 teams have already finished and hopefully everyone else will finish next week – meaning we can move onto another country!


Shadows – Amerachi

In Grade 5 we are studying shadows. Here we made an investigation on how they are made and what are their sources. We made a summary on it. We learnt that in the morning its tall and straight and in the afternoon its diagonal and short.


Branches of Government – Avery

Grade 4 has been working on branches of government in the USA in social studies. We learned there are three types, the Legislative, Executive, Judicial. The legislative branch is mostly made of representatives from each state. The Executive is made up of the president and the vice president. The judicial is made up of nine judges who are responsible for constitution problems. This is only some of what I’ve learned from my amazing teacher, Mrs. Stacy in Social Studies.



Marble Experiment – Julia

This week Grade 4 did a marble experiment. I made my own experiment by lining 5 marbles up. My marbles were in a line with 2 in a corner, one in the middle and two more in the other corner. I hit the first two so I gave them mechanical energy. They went till the one in the middle. The one in the middle went rolling till the other corner and the ones in the other corner fell off the ruler.





US Government – Jimi

Grade 4 has been working on US government. The US government is broken up into the legislative, executive and judicial. The legislative makes laws and the congress house of reps senate. The Executive is the president, vis president, and the directs national defence. They carry out the law.


Marble Experiments

Grade 4 have been working on transforming and transferring energy. They explored this concept by pushing a marble towards 1 or 2 other marbles and observing what happened. 20161021_120517_1 20161021_120536_1


They then went onto design their own experiments based on their own questions.

This was Mouza’s experiment: