My Piece of Work – Julia

This is our daily write. There is a picture on the board and we have to write about the picture. We have eight minutes. We all have different goals. My goal is to put more question marks and exclamation marks. I achieved my goal.

I learnt to structure stories in my head quickly and to write quicker. I also learnt to write almost whatever comes through my head.

If i had more time I would structure it a little bit more and write it neater.

By Julia

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My Piece of Work – Kelechi

I had to pick a paper that had pictures, names and definition of forms of energy. Then I had to match them up.

I learnt electricity is electrical energy. It is electrons which carry the charge. I found nuclear energy was tough for me.

I learnt that I shouldn’t glue them all at once until I sort them out.

By Kelechi20160916_114530

My Piece of Work – Amat

This week in science we learnt about cannonballs we had to answer 6 questions. I learned that it doesn’t matter the size of something. Like if a small canon and a big cannon gets dropped. They both fall at the same time. Next time I will try to read the words a little bit more. I also learned that Aristotle said that not only heavier did objects fall faster than small objects they both fall at the same time. And we had to predict what was going to happen. We had to predict which one will fall first or both. It was interesting that small objects and big objects fall at the same time.

By Amat


My Piece of Work – Jimi

In Science, Grade four has been studying about energy like forms of energy.

We had to find the meaning of different forms of energy and write it in our foldable.

I learnt how powerful energy can be. I could improve it by writing more meanings. Next time I will make it longer and smarter so that I can learn more.

By Jimi

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My Piece of Work – Carl

This week in Science Amat and I did the how far you can jump test. WE had to measure how far we jumped from the start. When we finished that we divided the length on Earth by different numbers.

I learned that you can calculate the length you can jump on Earth and see the length on a different planet. The gravity is weaker on Saturn so I can jump farther for example on Earth I can jump 64” and on Saturn I can jump 522”.

I would improve it by not rushing at the end, and I could make it better by taking my time but not taking too long.

By Carl


My Piece of Work – Divine

Types of forces

  1. I had to cut out, sort out the papers and glue them to know the types of energy.
  2. I learnt they are types of energy like chemical energy, nuclear energy, sound energy, light energy, heat energy and electrical energy.
  3. I could improve it by drawing their motions or examples.

By Divine

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My Piece of Work – Avery

In science grade 4 has been doing contract on energy. Contract work has been a good challenge. One of   my favorite activities was a foldable. We had 6 flaps, on the front of the flap there was  a type of energy written down, and on the back we had to write a fact or definition about the form of energy on the other side.

I learned during this activity that light is the only form of energy you can see, and I learned that light energy is in electromagnetic waves.

If I did this foldable again I would improve its dullness.(I would make it more colorful!)I hope we do more contract work in science.



My Piece of Work – Amarachi

In daily write I wrote some short stories with goals I had to try and achieve. I had eight minutes to write and check if I made achieved my goal. We used picture stories or word stories to write.

I learnt from the daily write how to add my punctuation, where it’s supposed to be. I learnt to write better and more creative. I also learnt to use more ideas.

To improve my writing, I would keep practicing on my punctuation and writing. I would write faster than I am writing now. I would also improve a lot of my use of words and writing. Next time I would try to use less of and, then.

By Amarachi



My Piece of Work – Madeleine

Daily write is when every day the whole class writes about a certain topic for ten minutes. In this week’s daily write we had to write about a furry, small creature with an elephant’s trunk and describe  what it feels and looks like. It is called a fuzzle.

I learned to put commas in-between adjectives and I learned how to describe a fuzzle and know what it looks like.

I could improve my piece of work by writing a bit longer and not using and so much. I could also put more commas in-between adjectives.

Next time the thing i would do better is to write neater and use more punctuation.

By Madeleine